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In the Spirit of His Forebears by Belinda Macartney

In the spirit of his forebears… interview with Will Comiskey and his mother, Pip Comiskey (nee Parer) words by Belinda Macartney www.facebook.com/willcomiskeymongolderby/photos Una Voce regularly reports past stories of adventure, of courage and tenacity....


M.V. Mamutu by Chris Warrillow

The year 1942 is remembered for many tragic and also heroic events that WWII brought to the (then) Mandated Territory of New Guinea and Australian Territory of Papua. These included the Tol massacre as...



ANDREWS Daera 2/8/1940 – 6/1/2017. Daera was born eldest Child of Mea Lahui and Hane Puka of Poraporena (Hanuabada). Her childhood was spent largely at the LMS Mission at Hanuabada where she received a...