Currently vacant

Elected officers

President:   Max Uechtritz
Secretary: Chris Pearsall
Treasurer: Murrough Benson
Membership Officer: Roy Ranney
Editor: John Egerton

Committee members:  

  Andrea Williams
  Phil Ainsworth
  Steven Gagau
  Sara Turner – Events Coordinator
  Yana Di Pietro
  Chris Warrillow


PNG Kundu Support: Belinda Macartney, Chris Warrillow, Ross Johnson, Paul Johnson, Peter Rogers, Neil Harvey, Andrea Williams

Social and Caring Committee: Sara Turner, Steven Gagau

Facebook Coordinator: Kieran Nelson

Website Support:  Roy Ranney, Nigel Wong, 

Publication & Communication: Belinda Macartney, Roy Ranney, Kieran Nelson, Phil Ainsworth, Yana Di Pietro, Ross Johnson and Nick Booth

History & Culture: Phil Ainsworth, Steven Gagau, Roy Ranney

Finance and Membership:  Murrough Benson, Roy Ranney, Paul Munro with Ross Johnson

RMvM group committee:  Andrea Williams, Phil Ainsworth, Patrick Bourke, Gayle Thwaites, Rebecca Mills, Max Clarke.

PNGAA Collection: Cheryl Marvell

Regional groups

Perth, Western Australia –  Linda Cavanaugh Manning

Adelaide, South Australia – Jan Kleinig and Graham Taylor

Melbourne, Victoria – Yana Di Pietro

Brisbane, Queensland – Kieran Nelson and Belinda Macartney

Gippsland, Victoria – Mrs G Tyler

Sydney North – Steve Burns

Sydney East – Bev Melrose

ACT/southern NSW – John Reeves