Gift Subscription to the PNGAA

Are you enjoying your subscription to the PNGAA?

Do you know someone who might enjoy a subscription to the PNGAA? If so, the process for making such a “gift” to that person can be found below.

The PNGAA produces a quarterly journal called the PNG KUNDU which is 64 full colour glossy pages containing articles about news & experiences in Papua New Guinea. The PNGAA also maintains a website which houses many photo galleries, almost a thousand articles about historical experiences in the early development of PNG, many relevant “E-Books”, many useful links to interesting websites and all of the Digital journals produced by the PNGAA going back to 1978. 

The PNGAA also holds regular functions in regional areas where like minded people can gather to tell stories and generally socialise.

There are two broad types of subscription to the PNGAA:

  • Printed Journal is physically delivered to the subscribers address and also includes full access to all the material on the website.
  • Digital subscription provides full access to all the material on the website which includes the current journal and all previous journals, but a “printed” journal is NOT included.

Both subscriptions will be for 12 months and will not be “recurring” . . . e.g. a once only payment. However, the subscription can be renewed after the 12 month period if either the subscriber or the gift giver wish to do so.

There are three subscriptions available:

    1.    Digital Subscription:                                                                 A$36 for 12 months
    2.    Printed Journal delivered to Australian addresses:              A$55 for 12 months
    3.    Printed Journal delivered to Asia/Pacific addresses:           A$77 for 12 months

You have the option of paying by credit/debit card of via EFT.
Note that if paying by EFT, the subscription will not be activated until we have confirmation that the payment has been received.




Worked for Burns Philp in Popondetta and Port Moresby from 1980 through 1987

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