About Us

Papua New Guinea and Australia are two nations sharing an ongoing story that deeply connects them through history and people. By helping construct this important story, the PNGAA fosters healthy conversations and development around identity, community, immigration, and the increasing importance of our shared futures in a rapidly shifting global landscape.

The PNGAA is a volunteer organization rooted in building a real life network by welcoming people to investigate the story of Papua New Guinea and Australia so that connections between our two peoples can flourish through understanding. With the advent of information technologies and social media we are now closer than ever to our geographic neighbours and opportunities are there to make our friendship a better and more lasting one so that all our peoples may benefit. You can be a part of this by sharing your story with us so that the association can continue to compile and digitize the rich history of the region. The more that is spoken about and shared openly, the closer we get to one another. You may submit your narrative to the Editor HERE.

As a community-driven organization the PNGAA is critical in guiding Australia’s position in the region as it recognizes the importance of the countless stories, big and small, known and unknown, that have shaped who we are, what we stand for, and who we hope to be in the future: an inclusive, caring, and understanding multicultural society built on trust. Our initiatives are driven by human endeavor and a need to connect, and we encourage you to explore and become actively involved with PNGAA, whether via online communities or networks, or at an organized event near you, so that we can all tell this story together.

The Association

The PNGAA is a dynamic association for people with interests in contemporary and historical events in Papua New Guinea, supporting friendly and positive relationships between the people of PNG and Australia, and the preservation of historical material related to Papua New Guinea. Its journal, titled PNG Kundu (previously the Una Voce), is published quarterly and has progressed from a brief news sheet to a highly-praised journal of over 60 pages. It is also available on-line through a Digital membership.


The PNGAA was previously known as the Retired Officers’ Association of Papua New Guinea, being formally constituted in 1951. It was incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act of 1984 in March 1996.

The Association owed its genesis to the concerns of retired officers who had served in the Public Service of Papua (then an Australian possession) and New Guinea (then a Mandated Territory under the League of Nations) prior to the outbreak of World War II, in the Provisional Administration of Papua New Guinea immediately after World War II or in the combined Public Service of Papua and New Guinea. Their concerns related to the maintenance of superannuation entitlements and retirement benefits affecting both themselves and their dependents.

Initially ROAPNG represented the interests of a membership principally comprising retired public servants. Its role has progressively expanded over the years and it now comprises a global network of more than 1,000 members representing the diverse interests people with affection for or an interest in Papua New Guinea.

The management of PNGAA is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and is undertaken on an honorary basis. The Association keeps in touch with its members through its quarterly journal, The Una Voce, which has a readership of  about 2,000.