Kiaps in the mining industry of PNG

In the March 2023 issue of PNG Kundu Peter Wohlers has a story about former kiaps who worked in the mining industry in PNG. In his story he refers to a list of the people who did this work. He recognises that this list may be incomplete and readers are invited to suggest the names of those who might be added to the following list:

Agg David, Balderson John, Bawden David, Blyth John, Bragge Laurie, Dalgleish Doug, Dunn Phil, Ekins Dave, Faulkner Frank, Fearman Paul, Fitzpatrick Phil, Forbes Dave, Hiatt Ron, Jansen Jim, Kelly Ian (Ned), Lang Mal, Lock Tony, Makin Chris, McConaghy Craig, McGrath Bill, Mohr Les, Mulcahy Bernie, Nichols  Clive, Olive Dick, Pennefather Dave, Pople Graham, Redmond Harry, Reid John, Ryan Neil, Sabben Frank, Salmon Peter,  Sandery Peter, Scott Jack, Taverner Barry, Thompson Deryck, Thompson Ian, Warr Lloyde, Warrillow Chris, Weber Ray and  Wohlers Peter.

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  1. Two more names, Campbell Colin and Lewis Ian

  2. More names. Noel Wright, Alan Stevens, Fif (Fulvio) Favetta.

  3. Frank Leibfried, Ok Tedi Mining and Esso/Chevron

  4. Thankyou Maxine and Frank for your interest in expanding the list of former kiaps who returned to PNG to work in the mining and exploration industry. I had no idea that the number of former kiaps was so large when I initially about this topic with Ian Thompson, John Blyth and Chris Warrillow.

  5. Lois Logan says:

    Hi Peter – Many Porgera names – Kenn Logan, Noel Walters, Jack Scott. There was also Martin? I can’t remember his surname. And even though your article is about Aussie Kiaps returning, png kiaps were also employed including Laka Rupa, Togi Bau and Michael Toduwari. I hope you are well. Lois Logan.

  6. Lois Logan says:

    Ooops, I notice you have Jack Scott.

  7. Bill says:

    Exxon in the Southern Highlands: Dave Bawden, Ray Bray, Neil Gore-Brown, Bill Sanders.

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