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Bert Kienzle: The Architect of Kokoda

Captain Herbert Thomson ‘Bert’ Kienzle was born in Fiji in 1905 of Samoan, English, German descent. In WWI he and his family were all imprisoned in internment camps at Bourke and Molonglo because of...


Robinson Sakiki, MM

Increased social media during the lockdown Anzac Day period prompted the emergence of extraordinary ‘lost’ history of Papua New Guineans who fought bravely alongside Australians and Americans in WWII. One captivating post by Kokoda...



The Rabaul & Montevideo Maru Society was established in 2009 and integrated into the PNGAA in 2013. The society encourages students and adults to explore the significance of WWII in the Papua New Guinea...


The Swamp Ghost

The Swamp Ghost was the nickname given to a WWII B17E bomber wreck that was located inland of Dyke Ackland Bay, in the Agaiembo swamp, in today’s Oro Province of PNG. The wreck rested...


Misima After Thirty Years

In 2018 I was working in Papua New Guinea and on one of my field breaks, I met my wife, Dympna, in Moresby and we made a short visit to Misima Island, in the...


Gemo Island Hospital: in the Beginning

In 1937, English nurse Constance Fairhall, known to her colleagues as ‘Paul’, started a hospital for tuberculosis and leprosy on an island in Port Moresby harbour called Hanudamava, better known as Gemo. In 1934,...


With DCA in PNG

My late father, John Walker, a long-term member of PNGAA, had two spells in PNG with the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). The first was in 1946 when he was appointed officer-in-charge of Jackson...


Be Prepared for the Unexpected

When you get off the plane at the airport in Port Moresby, you’re met with a large sign welcoming you to the ‘land of the unexpected’. It’s a phrase used often in relation to...