Helpim Wantok Project

Our fundraising goal is nearly there, but not quite, and we need your support with some more donations to achieve this.

For several months now many of you know that the PNGAA has been raising funds to tranship a donation of good quality used tables and chairs to educational institutions in PNG on an “as is – where is” basis from UTS Sydney campus. The beneficiary will be the University of PNG through its Open College network of campuses and study centres throughout the country.

“Helpim Wantok” is a project undertaken by the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia (PNGAA) and Sydney Wantok Association (SydWan), the Sydney based PNG Community. It’s a tribute to a good working relationship across the PNG community in Australia. Behind the scenes, committee members from both organisations have worked tirelessly in negotiations and fundraising.

The Project has involved the logistics management of collecting the furniture from the UTS campus in Sydney, packing everything into a shipping container and transporting it to the UPNG in Port Moresby including all the related costs. We are endeavouring to complete this undertaking at the lowest possible cost.


Early in the morning on 9th February 2018, volunteers from the PNGAA and SydWan mobilised to collect 320 chairs and 160 tables, which had been donated by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The SydWan hired a large truck and provided volunteer labour to assist removalists load furniture for transfer from the UTS Ultimo campus to a container depot in suburban Sydney. There was so much furniture that two trips were required! 

From safe storage in the depot, furniture was recently packed into a shipping container bound for Port Moresby on the Highland Chief, where the University of PNG is eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Support to date has been greatly appreciated and includes: donations; the results of the Sydney and Melbourne Christmas lunch Silent Auction/Raffles; proceeds of sale from the book The Volcano’s Wife: The Great Untold Story by Amalia Cowley and Pamela Virtue; and both financial and in kind assistance from the Sydney Wantok Association.  

We strongly believe that the education of Papua New Guineans is critical to the future of PNG, and success of this project will assist in a small way towards this objective. 

Further support is still needed and your donations are greatly appreciated. 

Any surplus monies collected will be retained in a fund for future projects for the benefit of Papua New Guineans. Full transparency and accounting for the project will be provided. 

If you wish to help out in this project, you can make a contribution through Form below.


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