Issue: 2019 2 June Una Voce


Book Reviews

DENIS LONGHURST: Plantation Papua; PHILLIP BRADLEY: D-Day New Guinea DENIS LONGHURST Plantation Papua We rescued them from what we deemed to be a primitive and dysfunctional existence, gave them a system of our own predilection,...


VALE – Una Voce Jun 2019

BAKER, Tony Clarence A; ENSOR, Norman Leslie, OAM; FLETCHER, Charles Thomas; LAMB, David; LARNER, Muriel, née MacGowan, MBE;  MITCHELL, Bevan Charles; PERRY, Graham Arthur; PETERSEN, Brian Francis; POPLE, Graham HJ, MBE; SOMAL, Gabriel; SWEENEY, John Joseph; WETHERELL, Ildikó (née...


The Sole Survivor by Ralph Sawyer

Congratulations are due to Philip Selth for his balanced article on John Joseph Murphy in Una Voce’s March 2019 Issue. ‘The Trials of Mangrove Murphy’ highlights one of the common problems that occurs when...