Vale Frederick Peter Christian KAAD, OBE

Heartfelt thoughts go to Gaynor Kaad, to her sisters Amanda and Deborah, and to the family of our long serving Patron, Fred Kaad OBE, who passed away this morning, 9 February 2021.
The Papua New Guinea Association of Australia salutes Fred, a former District Commissioner/Kiap, film star and respected lecturer at the Australian School of Pacific Administration in Mosman (Sydney) who turned 100 years of age on 12 September 2020.
During WWII Fred served with the Australian New Guinea Administration Unit (ANGAU) in PNG. 70 years ago Fred, as Assistant District Officer in charge, led the team engaged in rescue, rehabilitation, resettlement and area development following the Mt Lamington volcano eruption. Fred was active in the early days of athletics in PNG and the South Pacific, becoming President of the Amateur Athletic Union of PNG and Captain of the PNG athletics team at the Commonwealth Games held in Perth in 1962. The Boy Scouts Association in PNG also benefited from Fred’s involvement. As Secretary to the Select Committee on Political Development in PNG Fred was involved with the introduction of the first House Of Assembly of Papua New Guinea in 1964.
Fred’s close involvement with the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia, and its predecessor, began in 1972 and continued to this day. Fred served as Honorary Secretary and Editor until 1989 continuing on the PNGAA management committee for many years. In 2001, together with Roma Bates, Fred was appointed our PNGAA Patron ‘in recognition of distinguished service to the community, to Papua New Guinea, and in particular to our Association.’
Despite incredible injuries sustained in an aircraft crash in PNG, Fred was always cheerful, spreading happiness and encouragement, and constantly inspiring those around him.
Further information is in the September 2020 issue of our association’s quarterly journal, PNG Kundu, which celebrated Fred’s 100th birthday, at:

Frederick Peter Christian Kaad, OBE – Sept 2020 PNG Kundu

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  1. SaraT says:

    May he rest in peace with gratitude for all his efforts in PNG and for the PNGAA. My thoughts and prayers go to his family , especially Gaynor, and to his close friends.
    Sara Turner

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