PNGAA AGM Nominations due 5pm 31 January 2023! Several positions need volunteers!

PNGAA AGM Nominations due 5pm 31 January 2023!!! 

Please consider nominating and send your signed forms in now. 

Information and nomination forms are available to members at:

Either scan or photograph them and email to

PNGAA urgently needs volunteers for:

PNGAA Treasurer: Our current Treasurer, Murrough Benson has been on the committee for 7 years now and needs to step back from this role. Murrough is happy to speak with anyone interested. His email is  We hope that some wonderful volunteer will realise the value of this role and commit to volunteering their skills.

PNGAA Secretary: This is another important administrative role that keeps this volunteer team travelling in the right direction. Computer skills help enormously these days!  The PNGAA Secretary assists with committee meetings, links members and fields other enquiries.

PNGAA Events Coordinator: PNGAA urgently needs an enthusiastic organiser who is happy to manage events and liaise with event coordinators in other states.

Again, it helps to have computer skills to advertise events on our social media (you CAN easily be trained! : ) )

Website and marketing assistance – PNGAA needs people with some IT knowledge to help with the website and social media to ensure these areas are dynamic and evolving, with current information.  Assistance in writing up news and events or communicating the wide activities of the committee and association regularly, would help the association to grow. 

Hop in and get to know how the association works so you can help to market the association!

****PNGAA is run by a voluntary management committee.  It works together with the members.

If you are passionate about your connection with PNG and Australia, please ensure others continue to understand and share the wonderful relationship so many have experienced.

Please give this your immediate consideration.  If you’d like to know more, please phone the president, Chris Pearsall on mobile: 0410 530 502 or email  

Committee members need to be paid up current members of the association and need to be able to work both independently and as part of a team.  Communication within the team is important as is understanding the PNGAA ‘rules’ (focus and guidelines) which are located at

Whilst some roles have broad job descriptions, pitching in and helping where possible is always appreciated.

The PNGAA is an important link in the Australia/PNG relationship.   It is now in its 72nd year of operation! Its strength is in its independence and being run by volunteers. The PNGAA network is broad.  Its quarterly journal is the only journal of its type and it’s a significant benefit of being a member of the association. Members and others write for the journal from first-hand experience, either from a historical or contemporary view. Comments on social media will disappear over time; the PNGAA journal goes to the National Library of Australia and will be there forever.

The PNGAA can have 12 members on the committee, all volunteers, including 4 executive roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor and 8 general committee members who usually specialize in different areas of running the PNGAA.

Can you help? Do you know someone, or even a couple of people, who could share their expertise?

Nominations are needed by 31 January 2023 – forms are available at

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