Vale March 1983

BLUMBERG, Alexis |  BUTLER, Leonard Francis |  EWART, Norman |  HEALEY, Clarence T |  MANTLE, Dorothy |  WELLS, Gladstone |  WOOD, Jeffrey | 


Norman EWART (10 December 1982)

Malaria Control Officer in Health Department until 1965.


Alexis BLUMBERG (11 December 1982)

Department of Lands. Retired in 1969.


Leonard Francis BUTLER (1 January 1983)

Went to PNG in 1952 as OIC Technical Education, but better known as Senior Public Service Inspector. Retired 1968 to a dairy farm.


Clarence T HEALEY (7 February 1983)

Pre-war field officer with extensive patrolling in Papua. Post-war served mainly in Milne Bay and Central Districts.


Dorothy MANTLE (22 November 1982)

Widow of the pre-war Magistrate in Rabaul, lost on the Montevideo Maru.


Gladstone WELLS (3 December 1982)

Pre-war Registrar in the Lands Titles Office, Rabaul.


Jeffrey WOOD (1983)

Education Officer, who retired in 1971.

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