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President’s Report

It was wonderful to see three new nominations for the 2017-2019 PNGAA Management Committee join nominations from former committee members. Welcome to Russell Wade, Yana Di Pietro and Chris Warrilow – joining Doug Wood...

Port Moresby’s WW1 Memorial

Visitors to Port Moresby might be surprised to find a large granite WW1 Memorial “gate” in the grounds of the Port Moresby Remembrance Park on Healy Road between Ela Beach and Koki Markets. PNG...


Vudal and the Mataungans 1970 (Part 4)

Recollection Six: A Meeting with Tom Ellis, Secretary of the Administrator’s Department I had worked in the Western Highlands District (at Nondugl) in the early 1960s when Tom Ellis was the District Commissioner. I...


The PNGAA Collection a significant donation from June Whittaker

June Whittaker is a long term member of PNGAA. From 1965 she was first a Lecturer in History and Government at ASOPA, from 1974 Senior Lecturer and Head Department of Development Studies at the International Training Institute, and from 1981-1993 Director of Regional Training and Aid Programmes as part of her work for ADAB and AusAid.


Movies and military myths

Whenever significant military action is celebrated, stories emerge that captivate the imagination. It is accepted that the first casualty of war is truth.

Cousteau Society Visit to PNG 1989-1990

In 1989 Jean-Michel Cousteau, sone of Jacques Cousteau sailed into PNG aboard the Alcyone to make several documentaries which included the “Ring of Fire”, “Into the Time Machine” and “River of Crocodile Men”, these documentaries...


Australian Community Centre for Pacific Nations (ACCPN)

1959 ASOPA Long Course officers I came across this photo of the 1959 ASOPA Long Course officers. Many shown here went on to contribute to the development of PNG. Photo provided by JH (Harry)...


Sydney to Rio de Janeiro!

I was PNG NOCA (PNG National Olympic Committee Assistant) for the three weeks the PNG team was in Sydney for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. There were three of us appointed and one at...


Manus Escape from invading Japanese

A daring escape by Australian troops from PNG in World War 2 was planned and led by a seriously ill officer who was carried, almost all the way, on a stretcher. Lt. Alan Palmer...