Vale December 1986

ABBOTT, Terrence |  CATTELL, Frederick E |  CHESTER, Neville |  CRIDLAND, Pearl |  GRAINGER, Paula | PRIOR, Alfred John |  RICH, Mabs | 


Alfred John PRIOR (17 August 1986)

Former Health Extension Officer Port Moresby, he leaves a widow, Linda.


Terrence ABBOTT (13 September 1986)

Former Deputy Director, Medical Services in Moresby, he leaves a widow, Patricia.


Neville CHESTER (23 September 1986)

Retired as Admin Officer in Foreign Relations and Trade, and has suffered several spells in hospital. He leaves a widow, Florence.


Paula GRAINGER (10 October 1986)

Widow of John Grainger, ex-Corrective Services Officer, who died in 1972.


Pearl CRIDLAND (13 October 1986, aged 93)

Widow of Alfred, pre-war Resident Magistrate at Tufi. Post-war they became planters then operated the Wanigela Rest House for tourists. She leaves a daughter, Mrs Desiree Kelly.


Frederick E CATTELL (October 1986, aged 92)

After an accident. He leaves a son, Frederick Ronald Cattell.


Mabs RICH (2 October 1986)

Wife of Mack Rich, who retired from Native Affairs HQ in the early fifties.

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