Vale December 1984

ANTHONY, Colin (Tony) Lancelot |  BARWICK, Roy Frederick |  CHATTERTON, Sir Percy |  CHUGG, Myrtle |  DRIVER, F.G. (Bill) |  FAIRFAX-ROSS, B E (Fax), CBE |  GIBSON, Robert Gilbert |  McLEOD, John (Jock) Stewart |  SMITH, Walter Roy |  TURNER, John E | 


Myrtle CHUGG (15 September 1984)

Widow of Ron Chugg, a pre-war senior Medical Assistant who retired in 1964.


John (Jock) Stewart McLEOD (21 September 1984)

Jock went to NG in 1936 and joined field staff. He served in ANGAU and after the war was ADO in several Districts and in Moresby. Retired 1964.


Roy Frederick BARWICK (26 October 1984)

Died after a long illness. Roy was a pre-war officer. Post-war was in Dept. of Labour, retiring as Chief of Division in 1965.


Robert Gilbert GIBSON (15 November 1984, aged 83)

A fisheries officer in DASF, he retired in 1971.  


Colin (Tony) Lancelot ANTHONY (11 December 1984)

A pre-war New Guinea officer, Tony was Chief Draftsman in Lands in Rabaul.  Post-war he returned to Lands in Moresby, retiring as Chief of Lands Division in 1961. He leaves a widow, Mona, son Quentin & daughter Julienne (Clunies Ross).


F.G. (Bill) DRIVER (11 December 1984)

Died after a long illness. Bill was born in Milne Bay area of Papua. Post-war, he joined Native Affairs and later became DC, Milne Bay. Bill turned his hobby into profit in setting up a stamp dealing shop at Bundaberg. Widow Molly lives at nearby Bagara.


Walter Roy SMITH (24 November 1984)

Pre-war clerk in NG Customs Dept, retiring in 1964 as Chief Clerk. He leaves a widow, Hilda, at Briar Hill, Victoria.


Sir Percy CHATTERTON (26 November 1984, aged 86)

Sir Percy died in Moresby and was given a State Funeral. He came to Papua in 1926 with the London Missionary Society and was very active in religion, education and politics. He played a major part in establishing PNG’s first self-governing church, the Papuan Ekalesia. An official Member of the Legislative Council, he was later elected a member of the first House of Assembly and worked tirelessly for the independence and development of his adopted country and its people.


Basil Edward (Fax) FAIRFAX-ROSS, CBE (9 November 1984)

Very prominent in private enterprise, he went to New Guinea in 1929 with BP plantations. During the war served in Tobruk and then behind Japanese Lines in New Britain. Post-war Fax was head of British New Guinea Development Company.

Profile on Wikipedia can be viewed HERE

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John E TURNER (2 January 1984)

A former Staff member of the Department of Public Health, he served overseas with the Rats of Tobruk.

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