Thank you Sara, Roger, Jane, Lisa, Ruby, Monique, Nigel, Shaan, Lisa, Zion – to all the family!

The PNGAA has truly been blessed to have Sara Turner as Events Coordinator since 2016. Not only Sara but Roger Carroll has always been there too, along with Jane and Lisa – and Ruby (the PNGAA treasure!), Monique and Nigel, and Shaan and Lisa and Zion. Always a joy to see their happy faces and they have all given so much time to ensure our PNGAA events have been absolutely amazing. At the same time they’ve raised thousands of dollars through the silent auctions and raffles to help with guest speaker costs, to help with fundraising on projects and to contribute to digitising the PNGAA Collection. Sara has kept in touch with regional events coordinators to see if they needed assistance, and with affiliated groups. All important parts of the PNGAA and how members help. One of the joys of Sara and Roger and their wonderful family is the friendships they make and endure. Everyone is gathered together and we know there will be many laughs. The events Sara has organised have varied in style and initiative – Sara’s creative vent comes through with lots of fabulous ideas to interest everyone. Sara and Roger have gathered so many people together over the years .  A huge thank you to Sara and Roger, and to Jane and Lisa and families too.  

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