Kiaps killed on duty: Jim Sinclair

  1. John Green, Government Agent, 14 January 1897, Tamata, Northern Division, British New Guinea, together with Corporal Sedu, and Constables Dumai, Gaiwa, Mirio and Taurauki, Armed Native Constabulary.
  2. Robert Dorrien Kirby, Patrol Officer, April 1916, Kikori River, Territory of Papua.
  3. Ian Mack, Assistant District Officer, 10 June, 1933, Upper Ramu, Central Highlands, Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
  4. N.C.Elliott, Patrol Officer, 1 July, 1939, Aitape, Sepik District, Mandated Territory of New Guinea, together with Constable Aipoum, New Guinea Police Force.
  5. T.A.Hough, Patrol Officer, December 1936, Upper Leron River, Morobe District, Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
  6. Gerald Szarka, Patrol Officer, Geoffrey Harris, Cadet Patrol Officer, 6 November 1953, Telefomin, Sepik District, Territory of Papua New Guinea, together with Constables Purari and Buritori, Royal Papua & New Guinea Constabulary.
  7. Jack Emanuel, District Commissioner, 11 August, 1971, Kabaira Bay, Gazelle Peninsula, Territory of Papua New Guinea.

Other kiaps received serious wounds during conflict with tribesmen, most notably Albert Nurton, Assistant District Officer, on 24 September, 1936, Rai Coast hinterland, Madang District, Mandated Territory of New Guinea. Nurton was so severely wounded that a leg had to be amputated.  


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