Vale October 1981

BALFOUR-OLGIVY, ‘Bunny’ |  EGGINK, John |  HENDERSON, M [Mrs] |  McMULLEN, R [Mrs] |  NORMOYLE, Chris |  PFENG, Ronald | STITT, John 


R McMULLEN [Mrs] (3 January 1981)

Widow of Ken McMullen, a former NG field officer, Army Colonel, and Director of W.R. Carpenter.


M HENDERSON [Mrs] (10 June 1981)

Widow of ‘Hendy’ of the Department of Agriculture and tea planting fame at Garaina.


Chris NORMOYLE (June[?] 1981)

Well known and admired former Commissioner of Police.

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‘Bunny’ BALFOUR-OLGIVY (July[?] 1981)

Former Valuer-General.


John EGGINK (July[?] 1981)

With PWD in Mt Hagen and other Districts.


Ronald PFENG (16 April 1981)

No details available.



No details available

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