Vale October 1978

ADAMSON, Charles |  BENSON, Geoffrey |  BLOOD, Neptune (Nep) |  DAWE, Leonard |  MULCAHY, Bodelia |  RALPH, Richard |  ROBINSON, Alice |  STOCK, Esther | 


Geoffrey BENSON (1978)

Geoff Benson served in PNG in the Army in World War II and returned 1954 in the Dept. of Works. In 1959 he became a District Works Officer, and finally retired in 1974.


Leonard DAWE (1978)

Leonard Dawe was well known as a postwar Senior Draftsman in the Department of Lands, stationed mainly at Goroka and Port Moresby.


Bodelia MULCAHY (1978):

No details available.


Richard RALPH (1978):

No details available.


Esther STOCK (1978)

No details available.


Charles ADAMSON (1978):

No details available.


Neptune (Nep) BLOOD (1978):

Neptune Blood was a horticulturalist (Didiman) in PNG following service with ANGAU after WWII. He was was mentioned in Despatches in WWII, check HERE

His widow, Olga Blood, recorded more information about her husband Nep in the September 1992 edition of Una Voce HERE

In addition, he is recognised for identifying a new species of orchid, see HERE


Alice ROBINSON (1978):

No details available.

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