Vale December 1980

ANDERSON, A |  COCHRANE, Percy |  DIX, Bill |  FOLEY, Kerry |  JONES, Frank |  McLAREN, Lorna | 


Percy COCHRANE (29 September 1980)

Most members would have heard the resonant tones of Percy in the educational broadcasts from the ABC Moresby. In addition he played a leading role in developing interest in and recording and promoting local music and musical instruments.


Lorna McLAREN (13 October 1980)

No details available.


Mrs A ANDERSON (1 November 1980)

No details available.


Bill DIX (5 November 1980)

Was a well known pre-and post-war Police Officer. Escaping from the Japanese when they invaded New Britain in 1942, Bill served in ANGAU and later became a superintendent of Police.


Frank JONES (10 November 1980)

Served in ANGAU and returned post-war to the field service, serving in many Districts including the Sepik, Bougainville, and Morobe. Became a Lands Commissioner in 1970.


Kerry FOLEY (20 July 1980)

Kerry was the eldest daughter of Mike and Pam Foley. She met with a tragic accident early on a Sunday morning at Mt Hagen whilst helping in an air search for a missing plane. She had lived most of her life in the Highlands and had her own business there as a commercial artist.

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