Sepik Dental Clinic fundraising lunch – Toronto (NSW) 5 Oct 2022

PNGAA members Suellen Holland, Karo Haltmeier, Kylie Adams-Collier and Sara Turner created a wonderful event at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto, NSW, on Wednesday 5 October 2022 to support and help raise funds for the Kenthurst Rotary Club with its project ‘Sepik Dental Clinic’.  The project aims to build a a dental clinic in Korogu Village, Sepik River, PNG. The clinic will serve an estimated 200,000 people, who currently have no access to dental services, living along the river and inland. Funds will help to build both the facility and purchase of dental equipment and, once the clinic is set up, volunteer dentists will be organised from Australia and also from other parts of the world every year through the NGO Project Sepik. 

Attended by 40 people the event raised an amazing $2,400 for the project.  The Sydney PNG Wantok Association also supported the event and participated in fundraising by contributing another $500 to the total. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and Suellen had put much thought into the fundraising  with a massive 7 special baskets of goodies, 2 lucky door prizes and a mystery guessing prize to tempt guests.  The Canberra quilting group ‘Bobbins & Broomsticks’ made and donated a beautiful quilt to assist the fundraising through Sara and Roger Turner, and Jane Turner.  Additionally there were books, DVDs and memorabilia on sale.  Kylie Adams-Collier, with guitar, enthralled the audience with one of her many delightful tunes.   Lunch was enjoyed gazing over the yacht club and Wednesday sailors – who could ask for more?

PNGAA is grateful to Suellen Holland for organizing this successful event.  It highlights how important the PNGAA network is and how valuable it is to be a member of such a diverse group.  PNGAA members can work with other organisations they are involved with in their own areas to assist projects in PNG, and also to support the PNGAA itself.    In this case it was an unexpected connection through the PNGAA that led to this event. Suellen wanted to help a friend and recognized the opportunity to support Kenthurst Rotary’s Sepik Dental Project at the same time.  Along with the PNGAA journal, PNG Kundu, and the PNGAA Collection of memorabilia and artefacts, the PNGAA network is a really special one!

Andrea Williams

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