New Guinea: Bernard Oberleuter

Bernard wrote this poem in 1956, when he was in Grade 6 at St Mary’s, opposite Lae Bowling Club.

I know a verdant island fair
With forests ferns and flowers rare
Where mountains tower to the sky
And lovely fertile valleys lie

Where flit the gaudy butterflies
And hums the birds of paradise
Where summer holds eternal sway
Her people live so free and gay

New Guinea gem of the southern seas
What wondrous charms you hold for me
Once upon our friendly strand
Is treasured more than all this land

‘Tis Lae my home on huon shores
So fondly called the open door
The open door to hills that hold
Vast quantities of richest gold

Our buzzing dromes our wharves our shops
With busy life forever throbs
Our jungle nooks to hikes invite
Our pools and brooks with tempting sights

The ancient hills the ocean blue
What grandeur great presents to you
God bless our lovely isle and Lae
And make us more her own each day.

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