Fundraising Quilt for PNGAA Scholarship Fund



Center Piece

Following a chance comment, our Western Australia member, Jill Worsley, who has previously generously supported PNGAA events in Perth, kindly offered to make another quilt as a fundraiser for the PNGAA.

Community help for the PNGAA is greatly appreciated as it enables so much more to be achieved. Coincidentally the scholarship project occurred about the same time we received Jill’s offer . . . so it was decided that her beautiful quilt could initiate the fundraising for the Sepik Scholarship Project.

Jill describes the making of the quilt thus:

“This quilt was made in January 2022 while WA was in COVID-19 lock-down, and we could not travel outside the state. It is 50-inches square (patch-workers nearly always work in inches). As I’m now over 80, that’s the largest size I can manage with my little domestic sewing machine.

The central print is one of Gould’s Bird of Paradise paintings, which was printed for me in Fremantle by our friendly T-shirt printer who, knowing I only sew for charities and other good causes, only charges me for the ink! I use either cotton or polycotton—whatever is going to look best.

The binding and central back panel are the remainders of a piece I bought on Panasesa Island beach some years ago. Panasesa is one of the Conflict Islands in PNG. Sadly, it is the last of my New Guinea-bought fabrics, so in future I will have to use whatever I can buy locally which at least looks tropical.”

Washing Instructions


The quilt will be part of the fundraising at the PNGAA Christmas Luncheon in Sydney on Sunday December 4th, 2022.

If you are interested in the quilt please contact



Worked for Burns Philp in Popondetta and Port Moresby from 1980 through 1987

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