Cry from the heart of an SOQ: Jim Toner

A 50-year-old piece of doggerel from the Southern Highlands. Lois Niall, daughter of District Commissioner, Horrie Niall, had just joined the Welfare Branch of Native Affairs and, in her travels around PNG, was fluttering the pulses of young gentlemen at various outstations. This prompted one of the young gentlemen to write this verse.

On the personal file of Miss Lois Niall
Is written in bright red ink
She does not swear, she does not smoke
And she never touches drink.

Well, what does she do, the curious say
What is her occupation?
Why – ’tis the saving of Fallen Women
On every Papuan station.

Well, we wish you luck, dear Lois
In Mendi especialee – ee
And if you save any Fallen Women
Won’t you please save one for me – ee?

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