Anna: My Life from a Coffee Plantation in Papua New Guinea to the Shores of Byron Bay by Anna Middleton

Cost: $29.95 plus $8 p& p within Australia Self Published – Available from Anna Middleton –

After a whirlwind romance in Melbourne, Jim Middleton returned to life as a coffee planter in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, while Anna headed to Europe. But distance could not deter them from destiny. On the way home, Anna called in to see Jim. Surprised by what she found, but undeterred, Anna set out to establish a life and home with her new husband.

Living in a native material house, with no electricity, telephone, running water or sanitation,in a place without roads or shops, life was not easy. But it was an extreme adventure. Along with a small band of other young brides, Anna would mix cement, change tires, treat lepers, give birth and overcome serious illness like malaria, while making her own clothes and all the time trying to look pretty.

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