Aircraft accidents involving kiaps: Paul Oates

1953: Auster on take-off crashed into Vanimo Harbour. The pilot was killed and passengers District Commissioner Ian Skinner and Assistant District Officer George Wearne were rescued from the submerged aircraft.

1955: Dragon on take-off crashed into Madang Harbour. Patrol Officer Barry Griffin escaped from sunken wreckage.

1964: Dornier on take-off crashed at Tauta (Ramu). The pilot was killed, District Commissioner F.P.C. Kaad was severely injured and became paraplegic, and ADO Vince Smith had minor injuries.

15 January 1969: Bill Johnston was injured in the crash of a Cessna 310J while a member of the Land Settlement Selection Board at Bali Island in the Bali-Witu group off the north west coast of New Britain. The team leader was killed and the pilot injured.

20 May 1970: Harry Balfour-Ogilvy was killed along with his wife, Esther, and infant daughters, Deborah and Sandra; and Dave Robertson, Assistant District Officer, Esa’ala, in an Aztec crash near Gurney.

Around 1970-71: Patrol Officer Rick Niland was doing an airdrop at Fane Mission, Goilala, when the engine failed and the aircraft crashed on the airstrip which was still under construction. No deaths, but the Cessna was a write off.

1st September 1972: PO Shipway, his son Steven aged 13 and his domestic servant died in a Skyvan on transfer from Minj to Mendi.

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