Update on PNGAA Scholarship Fund – 9 April 2023

Greetings everybody,

I am writing to provide a quick update on the PNGAA Scholarship Fund.

As you will be aware, since commencing down this path, we had to change tactics following the decision by the PNG Government to financially support secondary schools in PNG, including our chosen school at Anguganak, West Sepik Province. As a result of the PNG government decision, the financial commitment by the PNGAA has been substantially reduced, and as you will recall from our last Committee meeting,we have now agreed to sponsor six students instead of the original two.

The fees payable for the current academic year after allowing for the government’s assistance has now been confirmed at PNG Kina 220.00 per student making the total payable by the PNGAA equal to PNG Kina 1320.

On the recommendation of Glenda Giles, our lady in Wewak, and in conjunction with Mr Stephen Aruani, the Headmaster, the following students have been chosen to benefit from our scholarship fund:

  1. Sampson Meiyapin – is a male and currently in Year 9. He hopes to be confirmed for Upper Secondary via the national selection exam at the end of Grade 10 so he can proceed to Grade 11 and 12. Depending on his results in the national selection exam, he will be placed in either the Humanities stream or the Science stream for his Upper Secondary studies. The same applies to the others mentioned below.
  2. Euthanneshia Meibo – is a female currently in Year 9. She hopes eventually to study Engineering.
  3. Shepelle Hapika – is a female currently in Year 9. She hopes to eventually study Medicine.
  4. Haimowi Nemantu – is a male currently in Year 9. He hopes to study law.
  5. Macquardah Anpan – is a female currently in Year 9. She hopes to become a Nurse specialising in Infant Welfare.
  6. Rally Aliawani – is a male currently in Year 9. He eventually hopes to study Medicine.

Mr Aruani is an experienced English teacher himself and advises that many students in the local district have a very poor grasp of English in comparison to other subjects so is keen to improve this situation. In terms of utilising the financial assistance from the PNGAA, Mr Aruani has advised that due to the new Government policy, schools are unable to charge parents /students more that the prescribed maximum fee and that Funds from the PNGAA scholarship fund will be used to supplement the government funds for the benefit of the individual students as above.

FYI, I did enquire whether it might be possible for PNGAA members to visit the school as part of a potential group trip to PNG. Regrettably Glenda has advised that it would be very difficult as any visitors would require use of a four-wheel drive vehicle for the roughly two-hour drive from Wewak. In addition, there is virtually no suitable accommodation available at Anguganak. To compound the difficulties, Glenda advises me that the road has now become a target for “rascols” with several armed hold-ups reported recently.

Finally, now that the material matters have largely been settled, the PNGAA will be transferring the funds early next week.

As always, please get back to me with any questions.

Kind regards

Chris Pearsall
President, PNGAA


Worked for Burns Philp in Popondetta and Port Moresby from 1980 through 1987

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