PNG/Australia community mourns Lavah Watts – ‘so precious to so many’

Our thoughts are with Graham Watts and his family on the loss of his wife Lavah. Lavah Watts died on Sunday 4 June 2017, succumbing to injuries she suffered after being crushed by a palm tree in Cairns four days earlier. Mrs Watts was the Darwin Accommodation Services team senior supervisor for Helping People Achieve (HPA).
HPA chief executive Tony Burns said Mrs Watts was a selfless person who put others first.
“She was just an angel. She simply was. She was truly one of a kind,” he said.
“Lavah was the most incredible, selfless, nicest person that has ever lived on this earth. Nothing was ever hard. She was always giving back to people. Not only for HPA, but also every single person she came into contact with.
“She had an aura about her and an energy that just made you feel good about yourself. The families and the commitment that she gave over the years working with HPA and the relationships that she’s touched have been really incredible.”
Mr Burns said Mrs Watts gave everything for the families of the intellectually disabled people she worked with.
“She was just truly always there for them. The relationships she built over the years, the commitment that she had with just being there and making a difference not only for the people that worked for HPA, but every single person.
“Not many people … have been so precious to so many people.
“She was like a mother and a support system, she was family. To take that out of the situation was quite difficult for all of us.”
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