Palmwoods Lunch Sunshine Coast, 13th March 2024

PNGAA Palmwoods Lunch

It was wonderful to have so many people join us for lunch at the Palmwoods Hotel in the Sunshine Coast (QLD) hinterland on 13 March. A total of 38 people enjoyed the company of old and new friends in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with good food and pleasant staff.

Our starting point for invitations was the PNGAA member listing for the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas – as far north as Gympie, south to the northern outskirts of Brisbane and west to Kilcoy. We were delighted to see the Sunshine Coast grapevine extended the reach of our email listing, with eight non-members amongst the attendees.

A special thanks to Paul Brigg who floated the idea of a Sunshine Coast get together with me a few months ago, something we had thought about for some time since moving to near Kilcoy in November 2019 but had not got around to doing anything about it, not helped by the COVID lockdowns shortly after we moved north. The assistance of Paul and his wife Margaret in organising the day, including preparing name tags and bringing along a huge PNG flag to guide people to the right area in the hotel, was also greatly appreciated.

Murrough Benson

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