Packing of the June 2021 PNG Kundu in Sydney

The posting out of the PNGAA journal, PNG Kundu, has been handled by a happy group of volunteers on a Thursday morning every quarter at the spacious surrounds of the Chatswood Bowling Club.  Yesterday the labels and the posting were done together, rather than separately, as has been occurring.  Everyone is busy but, as well, there is plenty of time for chat and morning tea/lunch and it’s always an enjoyable morning.  Ros and John Godlee have been organising the coffee and tea, and have our grateful thanks!  Various people will bring delicious plates of savoury and sweet kai.

Following the completion of each journal by the Editor, now John Egerton, and the production designer, Jeannette Gilligan, Roy Ranney and Murrough Benson have been organising the day, ensuring the labels are printed into the required destinations, the journals delivered on time for the pack, ensuring the morning flows smoothly, the empty boxes are dealt with and the journals get to the bulk post office. This job has occurred four times a year for at least the past 43 years.  With Murrough no longer in Sydney and Roy often overseas, and no younger volunteers with larger vehicles to help lift the boxes of journals and transport them to the bulk post office, the posting will now be outsourced. 

The good news is that the Chatswood Bowling Club are happy for the PNGAA to come together every quarter for a get together so those morning teas will continue.  Watch the event space and come along!

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