New name for PNGAA journal – entries due 14 January 2020

You are invited to suggest a new name for the quarterly journal of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia Inc. (PNGAA)
Your PNGAA committee is acting on popular member sentiment to refresh our brand and reflect the times by changing the name of our journal.    

The current title, ‘Una Voce’ – Latin for ‘with one voice’ – was chosen in 1951 to protect the superannuation interest of former officers of the separate pre 1942-45 war Papua and New Guinea administrations.  It’s time to move on. 
It is time to embrace the association’s current objectives, activities and broader audience which, primarily, engage with a long and close relationship between Australia and PNG.  You are encouraged to participate!
The PNGAA Management Committee has agreed to act through a competition for an appropriate new name for our excellent periodical. 
We need your creativity in this important endeavour for the association.

Rationale for change

A title change was discussed at the last two annual general meetings.
It is broadly perceived that a Latin title inhibits the reach of the journal beyond its current membership to future generations of both Australians and Papua New Guineans.
PNGAA Inc currently has a number of different communiques that span hard copy and electronic media.  PNGAA has a printed journal, Una Voce; a website version of Una Voce; an email newsletter called Tok Save; a website and various forms of social media. Several different ‘names’ fall under PNGAA’s banner.
It is important that internet search engines can easily pick up the new name.
It is now 17 years since the name of the association was changed as it was recognised then that it had to adapt with a more contemporary name.   It is timely to follow this through with the journal.
Membership Engagement Process

Please suggest one or more names. (Note: A sub-heading will also appear reflecting the journal’s function).

We hope to have the journal re-branded in time for our March 2020 edition.
Members are being informed about this electronically, where an email address is recorded for them, or by post, where there is no email address recorded. The PNGAA website and social media will also be used.
Suggestions will be regularly updated on PNGAA’s website and social media to encourage creativity and comment.
Rules of Competition

You are invited to suggest a new name for the journal of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia Inc.

The winner will receive two years subscription to the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia Inc which includes a copy of the quarterly journal posted to your address each year. 

The winning entry will be determined by the PNGAA Management Committee and the registered title will become the property of PNGAA Inc.

If the selected name is suggested by more than one submission, the first submission of that name will be the winner.  Any earlier suggestions than 18 November 2019 should be re-sent as the competition officially began on that date. All members had either a Tok Save email sent to them on that date, or a hard copy letter where there was no email address.

This competition is open to the public to encourage the most appropriate name possible and to encourage new membership.  Please invite family and friends to participate.

Responses may be emailed to or posted to the President at our new address –  PNGAA, PO Box 250, KILCOY  Queensland 4515. 

Responses are needed as soon as possible and no later than 5 pm on 14 January 2020.
Final Decision by committee

The PNGAA Management Committee will make the final decision.  No correspondence will be entered into.

Don’t leave this until the end! First entry with winning title wins! Early responses are appreciated.

Please forward all suggestions either by email to or by mail to PNGAA Name Change, PO Box 250, Kilcoy, Qld 4515

Note: Suggested names to 27 December 2019 can be seen and commented on at

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