Narara family proudly flying the PNG flag

In February 2018 Nigel Narara checked out on the Airbus A330 aircraft as a captain. As a commander he is now flying on both the A330 and A320 under the mixed-fleet flying programme with Etihad Airways. Nigel moved to the UAE as a seven year old when his father, Granger Narara, began flying for Emirates Airlines in 1991, after leaving Air Niugini to work with Emirates as an A310 captain. After 15 years Granger moved to Etihad Airways and is now a senior instructor on A330/340 aircraft.

Nigel completed all his primary and secondary education in the UAE and went to Embry Riddle Aeronautical College in Prescott, Arizona, USA in 2001 to do aeronautical science. He then transferred to the Royal Queensland Aero Club in 2003 where he completed his commercial pilot’s license and instrument rating. In August 2012 he was employed by Etihad as a first officer on the Airbus A330. When Etihad Airways Airbus A330 Flight 055 lifted off the ground in Abu Dhabi for Brussels on 30 March 2013 PNG aviation history was made with Captain Granger Narara of Milne Bay at the controls along with his son Nigel Narara as co-pilot. Granger’s younger brother, Tico Narara, joined Emirates in 1998 and was the first PNG pilot to commercially fly the Airbus A380.
As Captain Granger Narara said ‘It’s an honour for our family and our country’.

Further information with thanks to The National:

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