More on PNG Kundu for March 2022 and some great website tips

The PNGAA printer had his business totally destroyed in the floods in northern NSW, and the distribution of the printed version of the March 2022 PNG Kundu was delayed. However; the Digital version is NOW available on our website.  You can access it  HERE

Here are a few more tips to assist you in getting value of the website.

To access the website, you need to log in with your password HERE

Did you know:     

  1. Comments and feedback to PNGAA online articles are welcome – share your reflections, memories and experiences with others.  You can see an example when scrolling to the end of this example HERE
  2. We are compiling a list of all “Vale” notifications that have appeared in our journals over the last 45 years in an easily searchable format. You can view it HERE. This is a work in progress as we still have a lot of records to work through. If anyone would like to assist and has good clerical skills (e.g. cut & paste), please contact me – Email:
  3. Looking for other Members of the PNGAA? You can go HERE and see all the Members who have logged in recently. Or you can type their name in the search window, and all the members with that name will be displayed. If you click on the name you want, and then click on their PROFILE, you will see all the information that that member has chosen to share.
  4. If you wish to share some information about yourself on your profile, go to My Subscription (HERE) and scroll down to the bottom.
  5. If you are interested in finding some interesting articles that have appeared in past journals, simply go the Home page (HERE) and type, for example, “Plantation” into the Search Window and hit SUBMIT. A number of interesting articles about plantations will be displayed . . .  which will keep you occupied for quite some time! And, of course, you can select any other word to search that strikes your fancy.


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