Health Information Management Conference and Sponsorship opportunity for PNG

With thanks to one of our PNGAA members, Dwayne Richards, who has provided the following useful information in the hope that someone will benefit from this sponsorship offer. If you know of anyone who could benefit please pass it on.

Sponsorship is available to health information management professionals (definition here - living and working in Papua New Guinea to attend the 2019 Health Information Management Association of Australia’s (HIMAA) 2019 Conference to be held in Western Sydney in October. Conference details are available at the HIMAA website here -

Sponsorship application details are available at the link here –

The Health Information Management Association of Australia promotes and supports health information management professionals as the universally recognised specialists in information management at all levels of the healthcare system. We do this through positioning and advocacy, accreditation, education and training, certification and credentialing, quality standards, publications and resources, and HIMAA membership networking activities at local and national levels, including an annual national conference of international standard.

PNGAA would like to hear if if an application is successful and also encourage any successful recipient to provide feedback about themselves and the opportunity after the event.

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