Electronic Tuberculosis (TB) patient management system

Australia is proudly supporting Dr Patrick Koliwan and David Valentine, founders of health-tech startup Refer Tech that have developed an electronic tuberculosis (TB) patient management system.

The prototype is being piloted at the Kaugere Health Centre and has so far cut TB patient review times from around 20 minutes to just two minutes per patient!

TB patients are issued a treatment card that is scanned, and then automatically updates their health record. The system also assists clinicians in calculating TB medication doses and treatment intervals for patients.

Alerts are sent to patient mobile phones if they miss an appointment, and ‘TB hot-spots’ can be identified through GIS mapping.

As participants in the 2019 Techlab SME Accelerator, the Refer Tech founders will be further supported to refine their prototype and build out the business model of their company. #PNGAusPartnership

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