Book Review: June 2009

New Guinea Patrol by Martin Kerr
published as a CD-ROM by MaskiMedia, 2009, Ravenshoe, Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9804903-3-6 (CD-ROM). Price delivered within Australia $28.
New Guinea Patrol, first published in 1973 by Robert Hale, London, and now revised and released in CD-ROM (PDF), promises all the excitement and frustration of a cadet’s experience in PNG during the mid-1960s.
The CD also includes Fragments of New Guinea – Reports & Narratives 1964 and a Catalogue of Images 196; 202 pages of copy-typed correspondence, patrol reports, journalistic articles, several short stories and research items; plus 323 images. To obtain New Guinea Patrol (CD-ROM) including Fragments of New Guinea, send cheque or money order ($28) to MaskiMedia, PO Box 757, RAVENSHOE QLD 4888.

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