A proposed Kiap Memorial Scholarship

As foreshadowed in a previous post in the PNGAA’s Una Voce and on the exkiap forum, a submission has been forwarded by the President of the PNGAA to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade and of International Development. PNGAA President Andrea Williams has requested consideration be given to designating some of the annual DFAT scholarships for PNG students to be named as a Memorial to honour those Kiaps who lost their lives whilst on duty or due to duty.

DFAT already has at least one similarly designated scheme for Indonesian students.

It is hoped that some of these scholarships may also be offered to Australian students studying PNG and her people.

The concept being proposed is that those who are interested in promoting and improving good relations between PNG and Australia could assist and augment those nominated scholarship students while still being managed by DFAT officials.

Whilst the concept aims to commemorate these Kiaps, it will also preserve one part of a much wider history and, it is hoped, will encourage enquiry and collaboration so there is a better understanding between our two countries.  It has wide potential to forge ties between young people, emerging leaders, the business community and those Australians who once called PNG ‘home’.

If the Minister accepts the proposal, the full details will be posted on both the exkiap and PNGAA sites.

If anyone wants to know more details about this initiative, please Andrea Williams email: president@pngaa.net or Paul Oates: boonah.vista1@bigpond.com  

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