The PNGAA Management Committee had its inaugural meeting for 2024 last evening (10 January) and what a productive meeting it was! Members hooked in from Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia! We thought you’d like an update.
First up was welcoming our newest member, Kylee Andersen, from Perth. If you haven’t already, you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot of Kylee who has stepped into the Secretary/Admin role with a bucketful of fresh ideas and an enthusiasm that is an absolute delight to share.
Whilst there is a lot of expertise on the management committee, the PNGAA urgently needs to fill three important voluntary roles – President, Editor and Events Coordinator. Our association is unique and its main goal is to strengthen the relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The only way an amazing association like ours succeeds is through the passionate, proactive and generous efforts of its volunteers! Being flexible and a team player is vital. Please put your hand up!
Our wonderful editor, John Egerton, has advised that he needs to relinquish the role after the March 2024 issue. John will have edited 14 of the quarterly issues of PNGAA’s magnificent journal, PNG Kundu, working with Production Designer, Jeannette Gilligan. Anyone who already receives it will know what an extraordinarily informative and entertaining read those 64 pages are. Thanking John, we acknowledged all the lovely comments that regularly come in about the journal. John has done an outstanding job.
Membership Officer, Roy Ranney, provided some great news – our membership is increasing! Just as we like it!
On that note, the PNGAA welcomes everyone as a member (you can join at and the journal welcomes your anecdotes and stories. Whilst you’re on holidays, and memories and thoughts are roaming, or you’re running through those photos of PNG, please do send them in to And did you know that if you’re browsing the PNGAA website, you can also add your own comments to stories?
There are a number of ways that volunteers can help the association through working groups too, particularly with the website and events (and if you have a good idea and contact for speakers at events, please let us know) – please let Kylee know if you’re interested at
With the meeting chaired by Andrea Williams, many topics were discussed including the following – DGR status, the past and future budget (yes, some things are necessary!) clearly and concisely presented by Murrough Benson, potentially expanding the PNG Scholarship Fund, social gatherings including selecting a speaker for the AGM on 5 May in Sydney, various aspects of the PNGAA Collection so capably handled by Cheryl Matchett (and rapidly growing), photo galleries on the website with thanks to Roy Ranney and Claire van Bakel, the tremendous year that 2023 was for those connected with the Rabaul & Montevideo Maru Group – the expedition that found the ship after 81 years and the two short films about it produced by Max Uechtritz, and last but not least – asking everyone to think about how PNGAA is going to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of PNG independence in 2025 – yes, that’s next year! Let us know how you think the PNGAA could celebrate achievements of the Australian era in PNG up to 1975 and, despite current troubles, the contemporary and ongoing relationship.

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