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  • paul_munro posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    Roy : If you see this : I have just logged on for a few minutes and subscribed to the blog of rah first time. I mention that on my Mac screen , coming through Telstra and NBN , the text appears a relatively faint black. I am uncertain whether that is a product of my system or settings or is it a feature of the pNGAA webpage . It requires a bit of squinting to read, even to find which buttons to press. Una Voce came across fine and navigable. On the blog, I found it a bit unclear how to get back to list after visiting a named person. It worked when Iwent to top of page and clicked again on Members list. If that is best way OK; if not tell me what to do . Greetings and congratulations. I am passing on to the SHFT Interpretation Plan contractor, the basic details of the PNGAA website so that they can get an idea of the sort of material we might have available to populate information sessions about heritage values for the Middle head site.

    • Paul, it hard to diagnose remotely, but on your PC, if you go to settings and then Display, you are able to adjust the size of the display.