Notice of Annual General Meeting – Sept 2020 Kundu

Notice of Annual General Meeting – Sept 2020 Kundu

Notice of Annual General Meeting and of Motion for Special Resolution 29 October 2020

THE 69th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia Incorporated will be held in Sydney on Thursday, 29 October 2020 at the Chatswood Bowling Club, Chatswood, NSW, commencing at approximately 11.30 am.

Please note that it is intended to move a Special Resolution at the meeting to adopt updated
consolidated PNGAA Rules. The proposed Special Resolution is provided below along with an Explanatory Note. A Proxy Form for those unable to attend is provided to members as a separate insert with this issue of PNG Kundu.

If you are mailing your proxy, please ensure that it is received by the Returning Officer, PNGAA, PO Box 453, Roseville, NSW 2069 by 5.00 pm on Tuesday, 27 October 2020. Proxies may also be emailed to the Returning Officer at or may be handed to the Returning Officer prior to the start of the Annual General Meeting.

A light luncheon will follow the meeting, starting at approximately 12.00 noon.


  1. Members present and apologies
  2. Confirmation of Minutes of the 68th AGM(circulated in June 2019 Una Voce, pages 3-10)
  3. Business arising from the Minutes
  4. President’s Report
  5. Special Resolution to adopt an updated consolidated Constitution
  6. Treasurer’s Report and receipt and adoption of the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2019
  7. General discussion


  Section A

That updated consolidated Rules of the PNGAA be adopted, incorporating all changes approved by members since the original Constitution was adopted.

  Section B

That upon carriage by Special Resolution of the alteration to Rules set out in Section A of this Special Resolution, the Public Officer of the Association shall cause the alteration to be engrossed and consolidated with the Rules as in force after the adoption by the Special Resolution of 29 October 2020 and submit the consolidated copy of the Association’s Rules as now amended for registration by the Director General of the NSW Department of Fair Trading under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

  Explanatory Note

The Special Resolution seeks member approval to adopt updated consolidated Rules of the Association, incorporating all changes already approved by members since the original Rules were adopted. Some of these changes have already been consolidated into the Rules while others have not, so the Special Resolution is merely a formality required to bring all approved changes together in a single document.


Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and associated uncertainties in regard to catering have forced us to take a different approach to the AGM and luncheon this year.

It has been decided that the best approach is to hold the AGM immediately after packing of the December issue of PNG Kundu ready for posting to members is completed. This activity is normally carried out by an enthusiastic group of volunteer members at the Chatswood Bowling Club, so we are asking everyone intending to be at the AGM to join in this activity from 10.00 am if at all possible.

As soon as packing of the journal is finished—it usually takes less than an hour and a half—we will hold the AGM, which should not take much longer than half an hour. To address the issue of catering, which is not provided by the Chatswood Bowling Club, we are asking all attendees if they would be so kind as to bring a ‘plate’ so that everyone can enjoy a light lunch and each other’s company after the meeting. Tea and coffee will be provided.

These arrangements mean that there will be NO CHARGE to attend the AGM. To assist with the setup of the room, however, it would be appreciated if those intending to be at the AGM could let our Membership Officer, Roy Ranney, know either by email at or by calling him on 0412 556 593.

  Getting There

If driving, travel south on the Pacific Highway, turn left into Gordon Avenue (at Payless Tyres building), then left into Hammond Lane. There is plenty of free parking available. The club is also within walking distance of Chatswood station.

  The Objects for which the Association is primarily established are:

  1. to strengthen the civil relationship between the peoples of Australia and Papua New Guinea;
  2. to foster and encourage contact and friendship with Papua New Guineans and promote friendly    association among members;
  3. to foster and maintain an interest in contemporary and historical events in Papua New Guinea;
  4. to provide appropriate financial, material or intellectual assistance to projects of benefit to Papua New Guinea as an Association individually or in conjunction with other agencies;
  5. to publish journals, magazines, newsletters, websites, books and other media to inform and educate people about Papua New Guinea and to provide a means of communication among members of the Association and others;
  6. to encourage the preservation of documents, historical and cultural material related to Papua New Guinea; including the production and recording of oral and written histories; and
  7. to safeguard and foster the retirement conditions of superannuated members of the former services in Papua New Guinea.

  In pursuance of these Objects, the Association:

  1. will not be involved in, nor engage in, partisan politics; however, this does not prohibit the Association from engaging with members of parliament or public servants in pursuit of its objects; and
  2. may raise funds for its approved projects.

Membership Subscription Rate Increases – Year Commencing 1 January 2021

For the past two years PNGAA membership subscription rates have remained unchanged and in that time we have absorbed considerable price increases. Significant cost savings were made in 2019, as reported in the Abridged Annual Accounts published in the June 2020 issue of PNG Kundu (page 4). Other substantial potential costs continue to be avoided through the ongoing contribution of member volunteers.

 Despite these efforts to contain costs, we are faced with a situation in which membership subscriptions do not cover our operating costs. Of the current base $45.00 annual membership fee (overseas postage is extra), $36.00 goes towards production and distribution of the journal and $10.00 is required to cover general operating costs [mainly public, product and officer liability insurance ($2.50), storage ($3.00) and website ($3.00)]. A very small operating surplus is only achieved from interest earned on investments (a declining source of income), raffles and auctions at functions and profit on the sale of books, DVDs and other merchandise (again, in decline).

 Clearly, such a situation is not sustainable. We regret, therefore, that all rates will have to be increased for the year starting 1 January 2021. The new rates for 2021 are:

 Within Australia $50.00

 Asia, Pacific (inc. New Zealand) $70.00

 Rest of the World $80.00

 Digital Membership (no postage charge) $33.00

 PNGAA’s Management Committee, who are all voluntary, believes that membership of this association provides outstanding value. PNGAA’s quarterly journal, PNG Kundu, is highly regarded; the PNGAA Collection and the PNGAA website both provide lasting legacies of Australians who have contributed to PNG; the PNGAA is a unique organisation in formally preserving the Australian/PNG historical connection; and the opportunities for networking and engagement through various social functions nationally retain that Australian/Papua New Guinea connection valued by so many.


Worked for Burns Philp in Popondetta and Port Moresby from 1980 through 1987

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