Una Voce is the journal of the PNGAA. It is published in March, June, September and December. Contributions by members are welcome, for large photographs email

Una Voce is available on this website and mailed out as part of the PNGAA membership subscription.

How Una Voce got its name

Some members may be puzzled by the motto of our Association shown on the front page of the Association’s Journal. It doesn’t sound like Pidgin, nor Motu, nor English: in fact it is a Latin phrase. So why do we use it? It is based on the origin and history of the Association. Some will remember—may even have been involved in—the very strong suspicions which existed between officers in the pre-war and separate services of Papua and New Guinea. This feeling was still very much alive after the war and was continued to an extent even after we became joined as the Territory of Papua New Guinea.

In 1952 representatives of each service got together to discuss the Commonwealth’s intentions about superannuation for the new combined public service and also the old superannuation systems which had applied to each service and whose provisions were different. They soon realised that arguing with the Commonwealth separately would not achieve much and so joined together to speak as one: and thus was born Una Voce, meaning ‘One Voice’. This was also the beginning of our Association. Incidentally our first Journal, then a newsletter, was a one-pager, so when you compare it with our present Una Voce you can appreciate what has gone into its production over the years, during which time, as far as I know, we have had only five secretary/editors or editors.