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Vale September 1979

COLEMAN, A D (Toby) CRUISE, B ERSKINE, B A D (Toby) COLEMAN (1979) F ormerly with Elcom in Rabaul B CRUISE [Mrs] (1979) Wife of Jack Cruise who was Government Chemist in Rabaul before...


Vale December 1978

ALLEN, Mabel E GROVES, Doris F Mabel E ALLEN (14 September 1978) : no details published. Doris F GROVES (26 November 1978) : no details published.  


Vale October 1978

ADAMSON, Charles |  BENSON, Geoffrey |  BLOOD, Neptune (Nep) |  DAWE, Leonard |  MULCAHY, Bodelia |  RALPH, Richard |  ROBINSON, Alice |  STOCK, Esther |    Geoffrey BENSON (1978) Geoff Benson served in PNG in the Army in World War II and...