Norma WARHURST, (6 February 2016, aged 84 years)

Norma was born on 12 July 1931 and went to live in PNG in 1954 for thirty years until 1984. Norma and Darryl lived in Bulolo before managing plantations in New Ireland, New Britain, the Bainings (New Massawa Plantation), then Matakrus Plantation in Bougainville and Karula Plantation in Buka.

warhurstUpon returning to Australia in 1984 Norma and Darryl resided in Leadville, NSW, to enjoy the quiet life until the sudden recent death of Norma. Norma and Darryl were married for 62 years and have 7 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Norma is survived by Darryl and daughters Peta, Meghan, Rebecca (deceased) and Amanda.

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