Vale December 1986

ABBOTT, Terrence |  CATTELL, Frederick E |  CHESTER, Neville |  CRIDLAND, Pearl |  GRAINGER, Paula |  PRENTICE, Barbara |  PRIOR, Alfred John |  RICH, Mabs | 


Alfred John PRIOR (17 August 1986)

Former Health Extension Officer Port Moresby, he leaves a widow, Linda.


Terrence ABBOTT (13 September 1986)

Former Deputy Director, Medical Services in Moresby, he leaves a widow, Patricia.


Neville CHESTER (23 September 1986)

Retired as Admin Officer in Foreign Relations and Trade, and has suffered several spells in hospital. He leaves a widow, Florence.


Paula GRAINGER (10 October 1986)

Widow of John Grainger, ex-Corrective Services Officer, who died in 1972.


Barbara PRENTICE (29 August 1986)

Widow of Richard Prentice, ex Treasury, who died in 1965


Pearl CRIDLAND (13 October 1986, aged 93)

Widow of Alfred, pre-war Resident Magistrate at Tufi. Post-war they became planters then operated the Wanigela Rest House for tourists. She leaves a daughter, Mrs Desiree Kelly.


Frederick E CATTELL (October 1986, aged 92)

After an accident. He leaves a son, Frederick Ronald Cattell.


Mabs RICH (2 October 1986)

Wife of Mack Rich, who retired from Native Affairs HQ in the early fifties.


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