Vale December 1983

AITCHESON, Sylvia |  DUN, Gordon |  GOETZE, Iris |  HARDY, Lilian |  PICKWELL, Muriel |  WRIGHT, James | 


Gordon DUN (18 October 1983)

Formerly entomologist with DASF.  Spent many years at Keravat Agricultural Research Station and well known for his research on cocoa.


Lilian HARDY (21 October 1983)

Widow of former Registrar-General, Bert Hardy.


James WRIGHT (20 October 1983)

Well-liked Post & Telegraphs technician who retired in 1972 to live in Brisbane.


Muriel PICKWELL (2 September 1983)

Widow of Ron Pickwell, former senior medical assistant.


Iris GOETZE (August [?] 1983)

Widow of Blaxland Goetze, former native labour inspector.


Sylvia AITCHESON (November [?] 1983)

Popular wife of the Association’s long time Honorary Auditor, T.G. (Tommy) Aitcheson.


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