Vale March 1980

Published in Una Voce of January, March and April 1980

BOSGARD, H |  BRENNAN, R |  BURKE, C |  BYRON, M (Peg) |  HENDERSON, T C |  RIDGE, Arthur |  SHARP, John A |  WILD, Leigh V | 


C BURKE (1979/80):

no details published.


M (Peg) BYRON [Miss] (1979/80)

: no details published



T C HENDERSON (1979/80)

Agricultural Officer, at Garaina, former tea-planter.



Arthur RIDGE (1979/80)

Architect with Public Works Department.


John A SHARP (1979/80)

: no details published



Leigh V WILD (1979/80)

Formerly Chief Clerk in the Morobe District during the goldfields era, and later Administrative Officer in the Department of District Services and Native Affairs at Rabaul.  Leigh was a tower of strength and a mine of information. He was with the War Damages Commission after the war and at 86 was the last surviving member of the original Masonic Lodge, Rabaul.


H BOSGARD [Mrs] (1979/80)

Wife of the well known Land Department officer, who first went to Moresby in 1954.


R BRENNAN [Mrs] (1979/80)

The well known and well liked American born widow of Dr ‘Tom’ Brennan, former Director of Health in New Guinea.


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