Vale October 1978

ADAMSON, Charles |  BENSON, Geoffrey |  BLOOD, Neptune (Nep) |  DAWE, Leonard |  MULCAHY, Bodelia |  RALPH, Richard |  ROBINSON, Alice |  STOCK, Esther | 


Geoffrey BENSON (1978)

Geoff Benson served in PNG in the Army in World War II and returned 1954 in the Dept. of Works. In 1959 he became a District Works Officer, and finally retired in 1974.


Leonard DAWE (1978)

Leonard Dawe was well known as a postwar Senior Draftsman in the Department of Lands, stationed mainly at Goroka and Port Moresby.


Bodelia MULCAHY (1978):

No details available.


Richard RALPH (1978):

No details available.


Esther STOCK (1978)

: No details available.


Charles ADAMSON (1978):

No details available.


Neptune (Nep) BLOOD (1978):

No details available.


Alice ROBINSON (1978):

No details available.


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