Category: Poetry


Cry from the heart of an SOQ: Jim Toner

A 50-year-old piece of doggerel from the Southern Highlands. Lois Niall, daughter of District Commissioner, Horrie Niall, had just joined the Welfare Branch of Native Affairs and, in her travels around PNG, was fluttering...


The least is the greatest: Geoffrey Baskett

A poem written for Christmas 2008 Said the Camel to the Donkey as they stood beside the stall, ‘A King chose me, so I must be More honoured than us all.’ Said the Donkey...


New Guinea: Bernard Oberleuter

Bernard wrote this poem in 1956, when he was in Grade 6 at St Mary’s, opposite Lae Bowling Club. I know a verdant island fair With forests ferns and flowers rare Where mountains tower...